About Us

Node Prime is a team of several people who have worked in the Hedge Fund industry. We have headed our own funds and we have worked for funds. The founder of the company is George Stoykov who started trading & investing during the start of the Great Financial Crisis in 2008. Having a passion for the stock market since a child he was trading all the way through his graduation from University. He holds a Master of Science in Investment Analysis from Aston University and Bachelors in Economics & Finance. George has literally been through the best and the worst in markets. He has headed his own personal desk managing over $20mln USD and has also seen catastrophic failures. George doesn’t shy from his failures, in 2015 the Swiss National Bank removed the peg on EUR/CHF which wiped years of hard work in a day. However, he believes the experience not only humbled him but also taught him valuable lessons. His motto nowadays is – when you enter the market always make sure you can survive a six sigma event.

We focus on algorithmic trading as this has proven to be the future of the business, however, we don’t rely on algo’s completely instead having seen first hand the limitations of algo’s in certain environments we try mix it with discretionary trading and focus on strict human risk management.

In addition to managing our own capital and offering access to our systems via Darwinex we also provide educational materials, market research & analysis for clients.

Lastly, we have expertise to build custom algorithms for platforms supporting FIX API & MetaTrader 5/4.