Our team consists of people who have dedicated large portions of their careers on developing algorithms. We take a pro-active approach that means constant monitoring and patching when we find algorithims that aren’t behaving as intended in specific market conditions. Based on client criteria we can develop custom algorithims.

Clients should, however, note that backtests are not a 100% accurate representation of real results and backtests use a “perfect” environment where things as slippage & possible liquidity issues are not accounted for. In many backtests algorithms would show highly exaggerated returns in times of big volatility, however, in real market conditions the supposed orders would likely been either unable to be filled due to lack of liquidity or would have been subject to slippage that can’t reasonably be calculated accurately. We tend to take an approach of a standard error of at least 10% when looking at backtests.

Expertise in building algorithms for:

  • MetaTrader 4 & MetaTrader 5
  • FIX API supported platforms