Node Prime provides custom research suitable for professional and institutional clients. Our clients range from traders that want our view on markets to brokerage firms that want to provide an edge for their customers.

Our research package pricing is tailored to what your interests are. We offer coverage on Majors in FX, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, Fixed Income & Equities.

Research by Node Prime focuses primarily on Technical Analysis, however, we share our macro long term fundamental views as well. We do believe when it comes to day trading reading the “tape” is the most important thing.

Because of the nature of our research and what we consider to be certain trade secrets we do not open one click access to our content. Our pricing is flexible tailored by client. Example pricing per client type:

Client TypeContent CoveragePricing Per Month
Brokerage Firms *DailyFX, Commodities, Equitiesstarts from $3000
additional asset classes start at $1000
Institutional InvestorsDailyEquities & Fixed Incomestarts from $800
additional asset classes start at $400
!!! Retail – currently not onboarding new clientsDailyPer 1 asset class$100
additional asset classes each at $100
* Brokerage package assumes content will be and is indented for the firm’s clients and is openly distributed which is reflected in the starting price. The package includes our team updating & working directly on the broker’s website rather than providing access to our website for said broker’s clients.

** Pricing is rough approximation and can differ depending on client specific needs

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